fda compliant food grade pumps

All-Flo AODD pumps ensure safe food handling and increased productivity in the food and beverage industry while reducing maintenance costs.

Maintaining product purity

Ensuring optimum food quality is an essential concern in food and beverage processing. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are critical to maintaining a market share by reputable brands and building customer confidence in burgeoning producers.

At various points of the production process, food and beverage will have to be transferred between containers, necessitating the use of a food transfer pump. The pump used must meet stringent and international standards for quality, hygiene, and safety.

All-Flo’s FDA and Hygienic pump models are perfect choices for the food and beverage industry. The pumps come in two materials of construction; plastic or metal with elastomers available for compatibility with a wide range of fluids.

FDA Pumps

FDA (F-Series) pumps are FDA compliant for safe product handling and come in aluminum or stainless steel builds. FDA food grade pumps are designed for swift fluid transfer with flow rates from 48gpm to 190gpm (182lpm to 719lpm) depending on the model, and reduced air consumption. Various fluid connection sizes are available to suit your needs including 1 inch, 1-½inch, and 2 inches.

Hygienic Pumps

Hygienic (H-Series) pumps are an excellent choice for transferring substances where a high level of purity is required e.g. in food and beverage production. The pumps are designed with plastic and metal build and ensure rapid operation with flow rates from 7.9gpm to 225gpm (30lpm to 850lpm) depending on the model, and reduced air consumption. Various fluid connection sizes are available to suit your needs including ½inch, 1 inch, 1-½inch, 2 inch,  2-½ inch, and 3 inches.

Ensuring efficiency

In this competitive industry, operational downtime must be reduced to maintain productivity. All-Flo Pump Co. offers a range of food grade pumps for food transfer applications in both large and smaller industries. All-Flo food transfer pumps have high flow rates to ensure maximum productivity.

Before selecting a pump, be sure to check our chemical compatibility database for material compatibility with your products.

Reduces maintenance

All-Flo AODD food grade pumps utilize the simplest air valve system in the world. Minimal components in all products help to eliminate the need for constant maintenance.

To explore the full range of AODD pumps suited to foods and beverages, please contact a local All-Flo Pump Co. distributor near you or contact one of our representatives.