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All-Flo Fluently Running In Ceramics Industries

The image that pops into most consumers’ minds when the word “ceramic” is used does not begin to cover the wide range of high-tech products being produced by the ceramics and glaze industry today. All-Flo’s efficient and versatile air operated double diaphragm pumps are hard at work in this cutting-edge industry, handling tasks that would be impossible with other kinds of pumps.

Ceramics today is a high-tech industry that’s far beyond traditional items such as decorative home products or housewares. The ability of ceramics to withstand heat, resist corrosion and stand up to chemicals has made them a critical part of demanding applications ranging from space travel to nuclear power plants to high-speed turbines. Because of the strength of ceramics, they have taken on life-saving roles on the battlefield, in both personal armor and in armor plating for vehicles. Ceramics are found in the electronic products we use every day, such as cell phones. The hardness and smoothness of ceramic bearings has enabled them to outperform steel bearings in a variety of industrial applications. And with the newest advances in bioceramics, this versatile material is being used to heal and repair the human body, in the form of dental implants, synthetic bones and artificial joints.

Of course all of these applications require highly precise manufacturing tolerances. In addition to that challenge, many of the materials used in the ceramics and glaze industry can present serious problems for the pumps used to handle them. Slurry and other materials that are part of the production process can be highly abrasive and make many kinds of pumps unsuitable. Air operated double diaphragm pumps excel at handling liquids that contain suspended solids, abrasive materials, or corrosive compounds. A diaphragm pump from All-Flo can stand up to abrasive and corrosive materials that would destroy other kinds of pumps.

The efficiency, simplicity of design, ease of maintenance and versatility of air operated pumps make them the right choice for a variety of manufacturing processes, including the ceramics and glaze industry. To learn more about how All-Flo Air operated double diaphragm pumps achieve high efficiency, durability and maximum versatility, even under the demanding conditions and high standards required by the ceramics and glaze industry, contact All-Flo today.