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AODD Pumps for the Coatings Industry

AODD Pumps are designed to increase efficiency and decrease pump maintenance for businesses in the coatings industry,

In today’s highly competitive paint and coatings environment, manufacturers must more than ever control costs and eliminate production downtime. Air-operated double diaphragm pumps (AODDs) remain an essential component in the manufacture of paint and coatings. Increased demand for paint and coating material in developing markets, combined with a rebound in North American requirements, have placed increasing operation challenges on paint manufacturers. More than ever, it remains essential that manufacturers choose and AODD that eliminates or reduces downtime while reducing overall air and energy usage.

Increasing Efficiency
Whether used in the transfer of intermediate materials, pigments, or finished coating materials, air-efficient AODDs can significantly reduce operating cost. Consider, for example All-Flo’s 2 inch model, the A200. The A200 offers increase flow rates of up to 190 GPM, while reducing air consumption by up to 40 percent. Such efficiency and transfer gains result in very practical benefits, such as loading a 10,000-gallon tank more quickly, while using less air.

Decreasing Maintenance
Although maintenance is a necessary part of operations in the coatings industry, All-Flo’s simple design reduces maintenance costs since there are significantly fewer parts in the overall design. In fact, All-Flo’s air valve contains only three moving parts. With fewer parts to service or replace, your operations can resume faster than usual.
For organizations working with paints and coatings, All-Flo AODD pumps can be a great addition to your operations. To find out more about All-Flo pumps for the coatings industry, contact one of our representatives today.