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Diaphragm Pumps for the Chemical Industry

AODD pumps are designed to increase safety and efficiency and decrease maintenance for the chemical industry.

Fluid transfer is an essential part of everyday operations in the chemical industry. Whether transferring benign or hazardous material, All-Flo diaphragm pumps move chemicals safely and efficiently to minimize production downtime. All-Flo pumps are designed for use in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, metal fabrication, paper and many others.

Increasing Safety & Efficiency
The process fluids transferred with AODD pumps are often hazardous. Choosing the correct air-operated diaphragm pump for hazardous process fluids is critically important, not only to maintain safety and environmental standards within your operation, but also because choosing the correct pump can increase pumping efficiency. If your facility or organization is in need of an AODD pump, working with an expert to determine the correct pump size and materials of construction can help ensure your processes remain both safe and efficient.
Decreasing Maintenance

To decrease the time and money required to maintain AODD pumps, All-Flo engineers designed our air-driven diaphragm pumps to use fewer parts than competitive models. By using a pump with fewer parts, maintenance personnel can get operations back up and running more quickly if problems do occur. Also, fewer parts mean fewer opportunities for problems in the first place. In the chemical industry, it is essential that equipment functions correctly, and decreasing maintenance time by employing simple AODDs ensures that daily operations continue on schedule.

For organizations working with any type of chemicals, All-Flo’s AODD pumps can be a great addition to the production process. To learn more about how All-Flo pumps serve the chemical industry and to ask any questions, contact one of our service representatives today.