Five Things You Need to Know to Select the Perfect Pump

Often, when we talk to customers who are in the market for a new or replacement pump, they can become overwhelmed by the industry terminology and options. To help, we’ve compiled a brief list of five things you need to know to select the perfect pump for your application.

1). Fluid – This is the most important factor when selecting a pump in order to avoid corrosion and unnecessary wear and tear on your pump. What’s the chemical makeup of the fluid to be pumped? What’s the consistency? Is it a slurry (thick suspension of solids in liquids), or is it a clean fluid?

2). Flow rate – You need to know the flow rate in order to select the proper pump. This is measured in gallons per minute (GPM), although in day-to-day speak, this translates into the pump diameter measurement. Remember: a higher flow rate means a larger pump size is needed.

3). Viscosity – In order to select the right pump, you need to know the viscosity of the fluid to be pumped. High viscosity fluids require more robust pumping equipment. Nine times out of 10, however, our customers are pumping fluid with a viscosity less than that of motor oil.

4). Temperature – How hot will the fluid you are pumping be? This will affect which pump materials are best suited for your application.

5). Pressure – Another factor you should consider when selecting your pump is what the pressure conditions on the inlet and outlet of your pump will be. This information will help you determine the right equipment.