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Fluid Transfer Using Air Diaphragm Pumps

Transferring fluids is by far the most common application for an Air-Operated Double Diaphragm pump, and can be found in numerous industries such as paint and varnish, chemical, construction, water treatment, oil, marine, mining and many more. The need to transfer fluids is a vital part of day to day operation in most industrial plants. There […]

Dewatering with Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Dewatering, or the removal of water, is a common application for AODD pumps.  Regardless of the industry or location in the plant water can accumulate in a variety of areas. Construction sites can readily accumulate water as they are outside and exposed to the elements.  Rain can easily accumulate in a variety of areas and […]

All-Flo Launches New Website

All-Flo has launched the redesign of its website, www.all-flo.com, to provide visitors, users, and distributors with the ultimate user experience. Our new website has improved navigation and functionality, allowing customers to see All-Flo’s extensive product portfolio, including our Plastic, Metal, and Legacy Pumps. To help users quickly and easily navigate the site to find the right […]

All-Flo Joins Achema in Frankfurt, Germany, June 2018

  All-Flo Pump Co. is excited to announce our participation in the Achema Tradeshow this year in Frankfurt, Germany, June 11-15, 2018. Achema is the world’s largest chemical industry trade show. As the leading international trade show, over 3,8oo exhibitors from 56 countries come to showcase their innovative products for the process industry. The spectrum […]

How AODD Pumps Can Handle High Viscosity

  A common question asked by users of air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps is, “What is the maximum viscosity of a process fluid that can be transferred by an AODD pump?” In truth, the answer has little to do with the selected pump and much to do with the piping system to which the […]

All-Flo Launches New 1/4″ Plastic Air Diaphragm Pump

All-Flo Pump Co. has introduced a revolutionary new ¼-inch plastic Air Diaphragm Pump. Its innovative design offers superior performance characteristics; flow rates exceeding 5GPM and dry lift capabilities in excess of 14ft-H20. The pump is manufactured from a variety of plastic materials and thus is suitable for a wide range of chemical transfer applications. Solenoid […]

Leading Manufacturer Introduces New and Improved 2-Inch Air Diaphragm Pump

All-Flo Pump Co. is pleased to announce a new and improved 2-inch plastic Air Diaphragm pump. Our new product’s features include: an all-bolted design, side liquid porting, ANSI/Flange connections, increased dry lift capabilities of 17ft-H20, and increased wet lift capabilities of 29ft-H20. The pump is available in Polypropylene and PVDF, thus suitable for a wide […]

All-Flo Announces New 3-inch Stainless Steel Pump

  All-Flo Pump Co. is excited to introduce our newest metal pump, the 3-inch Stainless Steel Pump. The A300’s innovative design has liquid connections available in ANSI/DIN Flange, dry lift capabilities in excess of 20ft-H20 and a ¾-inch FNPT air inlet. The pump is manufactured from Stainless Steel and is available in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, […]

Five Things You Need to Know to Select the Perfect Pump

Often, when we talk to customers who are in the market for a new or replacement pump, they can become overwhelmed by the industry terminology and options. To help, we’ve compiled a brief list of five things you need to know to select the perfect pump for your application. 1). Fluid – This is the […]