Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps


When you work hard to make a better pump, the result is pumps that work harder. At All-Flo, we make rugged, lube-free, non-stall/freeze air operated diaphragm pumps work as reliably as they do efficiently. Providing the versatility, durability and reliability that will meet virtually any application need. And we do offer a wide range of materials and options that allow you to customize a model to meet your specific needs. So when your application calls for a pump that works harder, call on All-Flo.

Since 1986, All-Flo AODD pumps have been built to last. Designed to live up to their name, All-Flo diaphragm pumps are performance engineered and quality built to provide trouble-free service under the toughest conditions. All of our pumps are 100% factory tested for quality assurance. Our pump’s air mechanism features the fewest moving parts of any pump on the market. With fewer parts to wear and breakdown, the result is reduced risk of disruptions in service and reliable operation. When it comes to simplicity of design, see for yourself how our pump stacks up against competitors.

Our general purpose plastic air diaphragm pumps are available in a polypropylene or PVDF housing. Polypropylene is suitable for use with a wide variety of chemical applications. PVDF offers stronger chemical resistance to both acids and bases, while offering a higher temperature and abrasion protection than polypropylene.

Our general purpose metal air diaphragm pumps are available in three materials: aluminum, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel. Aluminum and anodized aluminum offer medium corrosion and abrasion resistance, while stainless steel is suitable for applications that require higher chemical and abrasion resistance.